Month: August 2012

How can I generate a Public/Private key pair ?

$ cd ~/.ssh $ ssh-keygen -t rsa -f <key-name> <br>$ cd ~/.ssh $ ssh-keygen -t rsa -f <key-name> <br> Then copy .pub into authorized_keys on remote host Read More

Notes on "A Close Examination of Performance and Power Characteristics of 4G LTE Networks"! – Pt1

These are my notes on “A Close Examination of Performance and Power Characteristics of 4G LTE Networks” which can be found here 4G is as the name suggests, the forth generation of mobile communication standards. There are currently two competing technologies, Mobile WiMAX and LTE. Long term evolution (LTE) is the technology that this paper Read More

I’m starting to learn Programmer Dvorak

I’ve finally bitten the bullet and decided to learn Programmer Dvorak. Firstly, what on earth is Dvorak ? … Well, Dvorak is a alternative keyboard layout to QWERTY which is designed to make it easier and faster to type, by making the most common phases located near to the base position of your fingers. Programmer Read More

TCPtrace – An introduction

What is TCPtrace ? Wireshark wins over TCPtrace on GUI   Its a tool designed to analyze the output logs from TCPdump. Previously, in my introduction to TCPdump I highlighted that the output logs created by TCPdump were not plain text and only special programs could interpret them, TCPdump is one of these program, as Read More

Google Android Development Camp – Day 1

The following are the notes I’ve taken from the lectures and labs at my first day here at Google, London. This is a first draft and they are very brief, taken in quite a rush. The primary reason for my placing them here on my blog so they that they can be used by other Read More

TCPdump – An introduction

As per usual, if you find any mistakes, concepts that could be explained better or have something to add, then please comment below and I’ll correct it. What is TCPdump ? TCPdump is a command line tool that is used to look at packets on the network. TCPdump does not generate the packets itself but Read More

A new week, a new approach

I’m changing my approach from using tools like Iperf and ping to collect network data and then using my java program to analyses the output to writing the scripts for myself and working from the ground up. It is new territory for me so it really exciting but also a bit daunting. Along side this Read More

(Testing) Network Data collection – Demo Pt 5.3

I am going to work through my last article, where I explained how to generate the required files to run my Java code here  SETUP I connect my laptop and android phone to the same Wi-Fi network and get there private IP addresses: The server (my laptop) – The client (my android phone) – Read More

Data Collection for Latency, Goodput & Jitter – Demo Pt 5.2

Everyone who I have spoken to about my work since yesterday, has asked me the same question. Why are you writing this in Java ? The answer is that I am going on the Google European Android Development Camp in a few weeks so I am using Java were possible in my work so that Read More