Month: October 2012

VIM – The CompSci Classic

Learning to escape VIM I have a confession, the first I launched vim I could not even work out how to quit it so I took the lazy way out and just closed the terminal. This put me right off vim for quite a while. Now its time to really try to learn it. Vim Read More

Fault Tolerance comes to Twitter in the form of Twimight

Making twitter fault tolerance may not seem like a priority at first thought, I mean surely in the unlikely event of the network failure, those 17 year of girls can will just have to learn to wait before they can tweet about there new jimmy shoes. But if you consider further the situations in which Read More

Signposts Demo @ All Hands Digital Economy Conference 2012

I’m off to Aberdeen to demo Signposts at the All Hands Digital Economy Conference, this is my first conference and I’m very existed 😀 😀 Read More

Twitter in Disaster Mode

Twimight is a interesting research project on enabling adhoc networking over Bluetooth, to transmit tweets in a disaster Read More

DNSSEC – A basic Intro

This article aims to not just explain how DNSSEC work but why the protocols are designed the way that they are. I will begin with a simple mental model of public-key cryptography, then I highlight issues with scheme described so far and add complexity to fix issues as I highlight them. I finish the article Read More