Month: November 2012

System programming in OCaml – Part 2

Now we are going to take a look at manipulating files in OCaml. We will be focusing on the Unix file system. In Unix the term “file” refers to a greater range of objects that you might expect. This includes: standard files like .txt, .html, .doc or .ml directories (or folders if your used to Read More

LaTeX – The IEEE Surveys & Tutorials Way (Pt 2)

This the second article in a series on using the IEEEtrans and LaTeX to form a survey suitable for submission to IEEE surveys & tutorials Yesterday’s article made use of the bare bones template for journals provided by IEEEtrans, now we are going to look at the requirements of a survey in IEEE surveys & Read More

Ocaml 2 HTML

As I’m often adding OCaml code to blog posts I really wanted to find an automatic way to add syntax highlighting. The first solution that I have found is caml2html but I’m still looking for something better … suggestions welcome Read More

System programming in OCaml – Part 1

This series of articles will follow my journey through “Unix system programming in OCaml”, available as a pdf here. After this series, I hope to move onto a series on Mirage system programming in OCaml and working with Signposts (a framework for managing end-to-end connectivity between devices using DNS infrastructure for signalling) Introducing the Sys Read More

LaTeX – The IEEE Surveys & Tutorials Way (Pt 1)

This article aims to give an overview of setting out a survey for submission to an IEEE Journal. For this article, I will be using ubuntu 12.10, 32 Bit and Vim as my text editor. IEEEtran is the offical LaTeX class for authors of IEEE transaction journals and coferences My primary source of information for Read More

Signposts – The installation

This is a guide to the installation of Signpost on a 64 bit edition of ubuntu 12.04. The steps of the installation process are: 1    install OCaml 2    install and set up OPAM 3    use OPAM to install the latest OCaml compiler and switch to this new compiler version 4    Add the remote repositories required Read More

OpenWrt & Linksys WRT54GL Router – Meet & Greet

OpenWrt is a firmware for embedded devices used to router traffic. In this case we will be considering the use of OpenWRT in domestic routers such as the test hardware Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router WRT54GL v1.1. OpenWrt is Linux based so it included the Linux kernel as well as BusyBox. It has a package manager Read More

Lots of things to be getting on with …

Friends often wonder what I’m working (and so do I sometimes) so here’s my to-do list for the rest of this week: DOCUMENTING OCAML  Review some examples of ocaml code and hows its documented Investigate if ocamldoc is worth implementing using ocaml-dns as an example of documentation put together a blog post of methods of Read More

Public Access WiFi Service

Whilst at the All Hands Digital Economy Conference, I met Arjuna Sathiaseelan who told me about a new project called “PAWS: Public Access WiFi Service“. It sounds quite interesting and I might be joining the team in the next few months. The project poster is here : de2012 The main motivation behind the Public Access WiFi Service (PAWS) is to enable Read More

Getting to grips with OPAM

What is OPAM ? OPAM is a OCaml Package Manager. Its basic use is similar to apt-get on linux, both package managers help to automate the process of installing, removing and updating software by tracking the complex web of dependencies that exist between bodies of code. Why use OPAM ? OPAM gives the user more Read More