Month: December 2012

How do I VPN into the University Network ?

UCS does a great job of explaining it here: Read More

Producing Pretty Graphs

My aim to reproduce Figure 1: Internet users and non-users by age group (years), 2012 Q3 from the Internet Access Quarterly Update, Q3 2012 from the Office for National Statistics. For this I will be using Octave THE PLAN 1) Download data as xml and convert to csv 2) Read the data into Octave and check this it has Read More

Hierarchical MAC Addresses

I recall a supervision question last year along the lines of: “Are the following addresses hierarchical or flat ? a) Posrcodes b) IP addresses c) MAC addresses ” Its well know that MAC addresses are flat but what if they where instead hierarchical ? This is the idea behind the MOOSE project by Malcolm Scott.  Multi-level Read More

Betteridge’s law of headlines

I dont have much to add here but the Wikipedia article is well worth a read’s_law_of_headlines Display image of @ianbetteridge Read More