Month: August 2013

What’s the difference between Debian Squeeze and wheezy ?

Squeeze is the code name Debian gives to the current stable release, wheezy is the name given to the current unstable release Read More

Where can I get Linux Distros quickly on the Cambridge Network ? Read More

How do I download many pdf’s a webpage at once ?

A combo of curl and regular expression, e.g. Ross Andersons “Security Engineering” is avalaible online under CC here but you must download each chapter as a seperate pdf, this is can the fixed using: $ curl|pref|acks|c[01-27]|biblio|index).pdf$ curl|pref|acks|c[01-27]|biblio|index).pdf Read More

ICFP, CUFP & OCaml2013

I’m busy planning my first trip across the Atlantic to attend ICFP, CUFP and OCaml 2013. Today, I’ve been given the duty of “live blogging” the event, over at the syslog, the Cambridge Systems Research Group blog. My other job for the event is to improve the documentation for Janestreet’s Async library. if anyone else is keen, Read More

Audio & Slides from “Lost in the Edge: Finding Your Way with DNSSEC Signposts”

Anil’s talk at 3rd USENIX Workshop on Free and Open Communications on the Internet (FOCI’13) is now available at and the slides are here Read More

Lowest Cost Denominator Networking for Universal Access

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be presenting PAWS at this years ACM MobiCom Workshop on Lowest Cost Denominator Networking for Universal Access  (LCDNet 2013) Read More

Real World OCaml beta3 release

Beta3 of RWO is now available: and anil (one of the co-authors) comments on the release Read More

“Lost in the Edge: Finding Your Way with DNSSEC Signposts” is now available online

The Signposts paper is now available online: Read More

OCaml Lecture Notes

I just wanted to share these sildes from Yaron Minsky guest lecture at Princeton on “Abstractions and Types for Concurrent Programming”: [pdf]  to the COS 326 class and the notes from Cornell’s OCaml course called “Data Structures and Functional Programming“, edit the URL to see notes from different years Read More