Day: March 2, 2015

Video: “Grad School” by UCSD/Lambda Style Productions

I’ll just leave this here, my all time favourite youtube video Read More

Part 2: Running your own DNS Resolver with MirageOS

Last time, we wrote a simple “dig like” unikernel. Given a domain and the address of a nameserver, the unikernel resolved the domain by asking the nameserver and returned the return to the console. Today, we will look at another way to resolve a DNS query, being a DNS server. This is useful in its own Read More

3 Upcoming talks

I’ve just updated my Research pages with 3 upcoming talks. More details to follow, in particular the topic for the April talk at the Computer Lab, as I cannot reuse the topics from either of the other talks. “TBC” – Women@CL Talklet Series, University of Cambridge, April 2015 “Life on the Edge (Network)” – 2nd Oxbridge Read More

Closed gTLDs

Thinking of switching from .io to a proper gTLD like .dev ? think again Read More