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Poster for “Life on the Edge: New Abstractions for Edge Network Distributed Computing”

Here is a draft copy of the A1 poster I’ll be presenting at the 2nd Annual Oxbridge Women in Computer Science Conference in Oxford. The poster abstract is in a previous post. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. version 1 (9:20 11/3)   version 2 (10:50 11/3) now with left alignment of text on the left and right alignment Read More

Audio & Slides from “Lost in the Edge: Finding Your Way with DNSSEC Signposts”

Anil’s talk at 3rd USENIX Workshop on Free and Open Communications on the Internet (FOCI’13) is now available at and the slides are here Read More

“Lost in the Edge: Finding Your Way with DNSSEC Signposts” is now available online

The Signposts paper is now available online: Read More

Signpost Planning

Over the new few months, I’ll be working on the DNS artitecture of Signposts. Techincal Setup Setting up suitable machines for development Installing OCaml compiler, toolclain, package manager Get the appropirate libraries, plus the docs/source Set up the version control and project docs: code on github, signposts organisation maybe, issues tracking on Github issues Finish Read More

Signpost Poster @ Computer Laboratory 75th Anniversary

We’ve entered the Signpost poster into the Computer Laboratory 75th Anniversary Poster Competition Read More

Signpost Talk @ Open Hardware, Software, Internet & Jobs

I was very fortunate today, to give a talk on Signpost at Open Hardware, Software, Internet & Jobs, after Jon “maddog” Hall. Here are the slides:   Read More

Signposts – The installation

This is a guide to the installation of Signpost on a 64 bit edition of ubuntu 12.04. The steps of the installation process are: 1    install OCaml 2    install and set up OPAM 3    use OPAM to install the latest OCaml compiler and switch to this new compiler version 4    Add the remote repositories required Read More

Lots of things to be getting on with …

Friends often wonder what I’m working (and so do I sometimes) so here’s my to-do list for the rest of this week: DOCUMENTING OCAML  Review some examples of ocaml code and hows its documented Investigate if ocamldoc is worth implementing using ocaml-dns as an example of documentation put together a blog post of methods of Read More

Signposts Demo @ All Hands Digital Economy Conference 2012

I’m off to Aberdeen to demo Signposts at the All Hands Digital Economy Conference, this is my first conference and I’m very existed 😀 😀 Read More

(Testing) Network Data collection – Demo Pt 5.3

I am going to work through my last article, where I explained how to generate the required files to run my Java code here  SETUP I connect my laptop and android phone to the same Wi-Fi network and get there private IP addresses: The server (my laptop) – The client (my android phone) – Read More

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