Category: Core & Async

Real World OCaml beta3 release

Beta3 of RWO is now available: and anil (one of the co-authors) comments on the release Read More

OCaml Lecture Notes

I just wanted to share these sildes from Yaron Minsky guest lecture at Princeton on “Abstractions and Types for Concurrent Programming”: [pdf]  to the COS 326 class and the notes from Cornell’s OCaml course called “Data Structures and Functional Programming“, edit the URL to see notes from different years Read More

Learning Async

If your taking your first steps in Janestreet’s Async library, here’s some sources of help & support: My top 5 sources of Async Documentation Official Janestreet Docs for Async/Core: These are generated from the .mli’s in the Async source and you will quickly find places where ocamldoc has failed to cope with Core/Async complex module structure. Read More