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Producing Pretty Graphs

My aim to reproduce Figure 1: Internet users and non-users by age group (years), 2012 Q3 from the Internet Access Quarterly Update, Q3 2012 from the Office for National Statistics. For this I will be using Octave THE PLAN 1) Download data as xml and convert to csv 2) Read the data into Octave and check this it has Read More

LaTeX – The IEEE Surveys & Tutorials Way (Pt 2)

This the second article in a series on using the IEEEtrans and LaTeX to form a survey suitable for submission to IEEE surveys & tutorials Yesterday’s article made use of the bare bones template for journals provided by IEEEtrans, now we are going to look at the requirements of a survey in IEEE surveys & Read More

LaTeX – The IEEE Surveys & Tutorials Way (Pt 1)

This article aims to give an overview of setting out a survey for submission to an IEEE Journal. For this article, I will be using ubuntu 12.10, 32 Bit and Vim as my text editor. IEEEtran is the offical LaTeX class for authors of IEEE transaction journals and coferences My primary source of information for Read More

VIM – The CompSci Classic

Learning to escape VIM I have a confession, the first I launched vim I could not even work out how to quit it so I took the lazy way out and just closed the terminal. This put me right off vim for quite a while. Now its time to really try to learn it. Vim Read More

How can I generate a Public/Private key pair ?

$ cd ~/.ssh $ ssh-keygen -t rsa -f <key-name> <br>$ cd ~/.ssh $ ssh-keygen -t rsa -f <key-name> <br> Then copy .pub into authorized_keys on remote host Read More

TCPtrace – An introduction

What is TCPtrace ? Wireshark wins over TCPtrace on GUI   Its a tool designed to analyze the output logs from TCPdump. Previously, in my introduction to TCPdump I highlighted that the output logs created by TCPdump were not plain text and only special programs could interpret them, TCPdump is one of these program, as Read More

TCPdump – An introduction

As per usual, if you find any mistakes, concepts that could be explained better or have something to add, then please comment below and I’ll correct it. What is TCPdump ? TCPdump is a command line tool that is used to look at packets on the network. TCPdump does not generate the packets itself but Read More

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