Liberating distributed consensus / Distributed consensus revised

Revising the theory of Distributed Consensus: Going Beyond Multi-Paxos

Consensus: Why Can’t We All Just Agree?

  • QCon London – March 2018

Distributed Consensus: Making Impossible Possible

  • QCon, London – March 2016 [abstract, slides]
  • J on the Beach, Malaga – May 2016 [slides]
  • OSCON, London – October 2016
  • Code Mesh, London – November 2016

Reaching reliable agreement in an unreliable world

  • Cambridge Tech Talks [slides]
  • Lecture for the Research Students Lecture Series (a MPhil/Part 3 Course), October 2015 [slides]

Coracle: Evaluating consensus at the internet edge

  • ACM Student Research Competition at SIGCOMM – 2015
  • Mentoring Moments also at SIGCOMM – 2015
  • Systems Research Group Talklet – August 2015 [slides]

Unanimous: In Pursuit of Consensus at the Internet Edge

Life on the Edge: New Abstractions for Edge Network Distributed Computing

  • 2nd Oxbridge Women in Computer Science Conference, Oxford University – March 2015, [slides]

Edge Network Distributed Systems: The New Cloud Computing

  • A Celebration of Women in Computing History, The Centre for Computing History – November 2014

Musings of a PhD Student

  • St John’s College, University of Cambridge – November 2014

Pyland – 3 minute introduction

  • Sutton Trust Summer School, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory – August 2014 [slideshare]

Introducing Project Zygote

  • Pi Academy, Raspberry Pi Towers – July 2014 [slideshare]
  • Young State Rewired, Raspberry Pi Towers – July 2014

Providing Security for Wireless Community Networks

  • Workshop on Participatory Networks and Privacy:  New Research Issues – September 2013 [slides, slideshare]
  • ACM MobiCom Workshop on Lowest Cost Denominator Networking for Universal Access  (LCDNet 2013), September 2013

Ubiquitous Access to Public Services Online with PAWS

Signposts: Taking back the dark edges of the internet