Running the Android Client – Demo Pt 2.1

An update for you on my progress on test the code to measure network performance between an android phone and a computer running a server written in Ocaml. So far, I have run the server and the client separately but not yet got them communicating. As explained in part 2 of this series, I decided Read More

Running the Ocaml Server – Demo Pt 1

  I’ve got some code here and here in OCaml & Java, that I have been tasked with running, testing and fixing. I’ve already taken a look at the basic syntax but now its time to get to grips with some the libraries and related packages that Signposts makes use off. THE SERVER IN OCAML Read More

Running the Android Client – Demo Pt 2

[ Sorry but this is part 2 in the series, I have completed part 1 but will not be able to upload the article until tomorrow ] This is the 2nd part of a series on my taking a look at the code here, to test it and then improve it if required. In part Read More

UROP Goals

I hope the following will give you an insight into what I’m studying and where I aim to go with it. Overall Goal for the next 10 weeks: To be of use the Signposts Project and learn some useful skills on the way Skill Required: A solid knowledge of computer networking (in particular protocols at Read More

RFC 1034 – An insight into the 1980’s

If you think that RFC make dry reading, maybe just maybe you just haven’t given them enough of a chance yet. Today, I begin reading my first RFC, I choose RFC 1034 and I can genuinely say that I’ve found much more interesting than I was expect, in fact I’ve struggled to put it down Read More

Getting Started with Python

Why have I chosen to learn Python ? Its a language sometimes used by my summer research project It works particularly better than other language on the Raspberry Pi I’ve covered the basics of Python before but never gone further than simple syntax Its open source It can be used as a scripting language, which Read More

I’m back from brussels

From this … I arrived in the back in Cambridge yesterday afternoon after the IBM EMEA Best Student Recognition Event 2012 in Brussels, Belgium. The theme of this years 3 day event was “Data Analytics”. The highlight for me on Wednesday 4th July was the a semenar by Prof. Bart Goethals, a lecturer at University Read More

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