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Betteridge’s law of headlines

I dont have much to add here but the Wikipedia article is well worth a read’s_law_of_headlines Display image of @ianbetteridge Read More

Lots of things to be getting on with …

Friends often wonder what I’m working (and so do I sometimes) so here’s my to-do list for the rest of this week: DOCUMENTING OCAML  Review some examples of ocaml code and hows its documented Investigate if ocamldoc is worth implementing using ocaml-dns as an example of documentation put together a blog post of methods of Read More

I’m starting to learn Programmer Dvorak

I’ve finally bitten the bullet and decided to learn Programmer Dvorak. Firstly, what on earth is Dvorak ? … Well, Dvorak is a alternative keyboard layout to QWERTY which is designed to make it easier and faster to type, by making the most common phases located near to the base position of your fingers. Programmer Read More

A new week, a new approach

I’m changing my approach from using tools like Iperf and ping to collect network data and then using my java program to analyses the output to writing the scripts for myself and working from the ground up. It is new territory for me so it really exciting but also a bit daunting. Along side this Read More

UROP Goals

I hope the following will give you an insight into what I’m studying and where I aim to go with it. Overall Goal for the next 10 weeks: To be of use the Signposts Project and learn some useful skills on the way Skill Required: A solid knowledge of computer networking (in particular protocols at Read More

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