Comparing Wireless Community Networks

As work on the Public Access WiFi Service (PAWS) continues, people regularly point us in the direction of other wide area WiFi networks. Potential we can learn a lot from these projects, from both the social and technical sides. Here I am going to try to focus on the technical details and the payment models:

For each project, I hope to us the following framework to access it:

Project Location:
Coverage provided:
Project Organisers and Partners:
Reason for funder to invest in project:
Time network was available ?
Cost to the user:
Service provided to users in terms of bandwidth, time browsering, websites available etc ?
Are the services provides allocated per user or per device ?
What form of user sign-up required ?
Can the user by-pass these restrictions ?
How is the WiFi network secured ?
Is the WiFi network open or encrypted ? If encrypted, how easily is the password available ?
Is the network vulnerable to rough access points ?
Is the network vulnerable to packet sniffing ?
Is the network/APs vulnerable to DoS attacks ?
Are the user informed of the importance of us a VPN or HTTPS

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