Another Failed attempt to set up iperf on Andriod Phone – Demo Pt 4.1

Due to the issues with the Iperf application for android and part of the touch screen on my andriod phone not working properly, I’ve decided that it would be best to set up SSH to remote access on android phone, to make working with the phone easier.

To application that I decided to use to help get my SSH running on as quickly as possible was SSHDroid. This is an excellent application that I would highly recommend. The steps in setting up SSH access where:

  • Install SSHDroid and launch application
  • Change the password from its default which is “admin”
  • Install OpenSSH on your linux computer
  • run ssh root@
  • Enter password when requested

Now I have the command line of the android phone, I downloaded iperf and extracted the contains of the .tar.gz file to the SD card. The next stage in my plan was to use ./configure then make then make install as per usual.

But as ever, thing are never that straight forward.

  • on doing ./configure, I get permission denied
  • on doing sudo ./configure, I get sudo: not found
  • on doing echo $USER, I get root
  • on doing ls -l | grep configure, I get —xrwxr-x

so why will it not work ?


I’ve managed to deal with the “Permission Denied” error despite having root access and the correct permission by prefixing ./configure with sh. This then fails to compile due to the lack of a C++ compiler

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