Running the Android Client – Demo Pt 2.1

An update for you on my progress on test the code to measure network performance between an android phone and a computer running a server written in Ocaml. So far, I have run the server and the client separately but not yet got them communicating. As explained in part 2 of this series, I decided to set up Eclipse with ADT Plugin on my desktop after getting some weird errors on my current laptop set up of Eclipse and ADT. The details of the problem are available here on There has been no clear solution to the problem. Therefore I have had to totally remove my install of Eclipse and ADT, so that I can start all over again.


I’ve also been distracted the last few days by this piece of new kit, the DreamPlug. We are using it as part of the upcoming Signposts Demo at SIGCOMM in Helsinia.I will write an article on it soon

Finally I’ve fix my Eclipse set-up and I’m now able to load the client code onto the Android phone and run the server on my laptop. Part 3 will be coming very soon.

Also on a personal note, I am 20 today…

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