Producing Pretty Graphs

My aim to reproduce Figure 1: Internet users and non-users by age group (years), 2012 Q3 from the Internet Access Quarterly Update, Q3 2012 from the Office for National Statistics. For this I will be using Octave


1) Download data as xml and convert to csv
2) Read the data into Octave and check this it has been read in correctly
data = data = dlmread(“<my_file.csv>”,”,”);
The expected output will be 8 4
3) Divide the date into the correct axis
x = data(:,1);
ya = data(:,2);
yb = data(:,3);
yc = data(:,4);
4) Plot the new data

     plot(x,ya,”;Used within last 3 months;”,x,yb,”;Used more than 3 months ago;”,x,yc,”;Never used;”)

5) Label the x and y axis
xlabel(“Age Group(Years)”);
ylabel(“Percentage who have used the internet”);
6) Give the graph a title

     title(“Internet users and non-users by age group (years), 2012 Q3”);

7) Output the graph and save

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