Signpost Planning

Over the new few months, I’ll be working on the DNS artitecture of Signposts.

Techincal Setup

  • Setting up suitable machines for development
  • Installing OCaml compiler, toolclain, package manager
  • Get the appropirate libraries, plus the docs/source
  • Set up the version control and project docs: code on github, signposts organisation maybe, issues tracking on Github issues
  • Finish reading “Real World OCaml” and look at examples of the libraries in use
  • Become familiar with the the setup of similar projects: The use of OASIS, OPAM, structure and syntax of Makefiles

Describing Artitecture

  • Why use DNS for naming ? what have other related systems used ?
  • This is an unusaul use of DNS, how does it affect the infastructure ?
  • How do middleboxes manipulate DNS packets ?
  • How does TTL 0 affect caching, performance etc ?
  • This is the 3rd prototype, how is it different to the first two
  • Security properties of the artitecture
  • Components of Signposts Naming and interface with tactics engine


  • Extending the functionality of ocaml-dns : adding a lwt client resolver, EDNS0 extensions, DNSSEC extension (using Cryptokit), any DNS stuff for Signposts that may be useful to other applications
  • Using, test and extend the signpost-test-tool, developed by Haris
  • Extending the functionality of ocaml-crypto-key, ready for use in Signpost

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