UROP Goals

I hope the following will give you an insight into what I’m studying and where I aim to go with it.

Overall Goal for the next 10 weeks: To be of use the Signposts Project and learn some useful skills on the way

Skill Required:

  1. A solid knowledge of computer networking (in particular protocols at the network and transport layers)
  2. Familiarly and practical experience with Ocaml and (in particular Lwt and using sockets)
  3. Experience with Java on Android and the platform

How I hope to achieve a solid knowledge of computer networking ?

  • review the material from my computer networking course, mostly by re-reading Kurose, J.F. & Ross, K.W. (2009). Computer networking: a top-down approach. Addison-Wesley (5th ed.), redoing past exam questions / supervision work, doing the Wireshark Lab sheets and working through the hands on material
  • Gain a deeper knowledge of particular areas by reading RFC and academic papers, ensuring that I alway take notes so that its easy to refer back to material without re-reading all of the material
  • Get update with the latest in online anonymity and security including projects/topics such as Tor, FreedomBox, Privoxy, Hamachi, Tails, Backtrack, SSL, DNSSEC, FireFox addons like NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere etc…

How I hope to achieve familiarly and practical experience of Ocaml

  • Working through Unix system programming in ocaml by Xavier Leroy and Didier Rémy
  • Keeping upto date with Ocaml project & questions on StackOverflow
  • Build Ocaml code

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