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Google Android Development Camp – Day 1

The following are the notes I’ve taken from the lectures and labs at my first day here at Google, London. This is a first draft and they are very brief, taken in quite a rush. The primary reason for my placing them here on my blog so they that they can be used by other Read More

Analysing the Android Demo Code – Pt 5

The following is a look at the code here on GitHub. If you’ve been following my progress so far you will know that I’ve so far managed to run this code, but I am let to take a proper look at the code and how it works. The top level of the directory contains the Read More

Iperf on Andriod, a new approach – Pt 4.3

This is blog post number 4, on try to run Iperf on Android, my previous attempts were: Method 1 – getting the Google Play Store on a CyanogenMod phone and downloading the Iperf for Android application Method 2 – SSHing into an Android phone and trying to run Iperf from the command line Method 3 Read More

Another Day, Another Andriod Phone – Pt 4.2

My current aim is to get Iperf running on an Android phone so that I can collect “accurate” network data to compare to the network data produced by Signpost Demo Application that I’m currently trying to test. The problem is that I can’t get the Iperf for Android application to run on any of the Read More

Another Failed attempt to set up iperf on Andriod Phone – Demo Pt 4.1

Due to the issues with the Iperf application for android and part of the touch screen on my andriod phone not working properly, I’ve decided that it would be best to set up SSH to remote access on android phone, to make working with the phone easier. To application that I decided to use to Read More

Using Iperf for Collecting Data – Demo Pt 4

Today, I am going to take a look at Iperf and get it running between my server (written in Ocaml and running my laptop) and client (on an android phone). To avoid the issues with IP addresses, I will use the same Wi-Fi network for both the client and server so that both devices are Read More

Getting Client & Server Talking – Demo Pt 3

Now I have an Android phone running the client and my laptop running the server, its time to get them taking. A quick inspection of the client code shows the line “public static final int [] IP_ADDR = {128,2362,110,172}; ” I change this to the IP address of my laptop and reload the code onto Read More

Running the Android Client – Demo Pt 2.1

An update for you on my progress on test the code to measure network performance between an android phone and a computer running a server written in Ocaml. So far, I have run the server and the client separately but not yet got them communicating. As explained in part 2 of this series, I decided Read More

Running the Android Client – Demo Pt 2

[ Sorry but this is part 2 in the series, I have completed part 1 but will not be able to upload the article until tomorrow ] This is the 2nd part of a series on my taking a look at the code here, to test it and then improve it if required. In part Read More