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Paper Notes on PBFT [OSDI’99]

Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) is the foundational paper in Byzantine consensus algorithm. Typically, distributed consensus algorithms assume nodes may fail (and possible recovery), but BFT extends this to tolerate nodes acting arbitrarily. Assumptions BPFT makes strong assumption about these arbitrary failures. Notability that at most f failures will occur in a system of 3f+1 Read More

VIDEO: Making the Impossible Possible @ J on the Beach

The videos of my talk and interview at this year’s J on the beach are now live and embedded below. Read More

Consensus & Organising Coffee – Computerphile

Just like humans organising to meet for coffee, computers need ways of organising themselves. Heidi Howard, of the System Research Group at University of Cambridge explains the basics. Read More

BBC Radio 4: Any questions?

I asked a question on today’s BBC radio 4 show “Any questions?”,, skip to 42:07 to hear me nervously ask “How can we protect the rights of citizens in an increasingly digital world?” and hear the panel’s response. The responses where fairly disappointing but it helps to keep the debate alive. Read More

Azure Latency Pilot Study: Part 3 – Machine specific results

In this post we will be looking at the results for the Azure latency Pilot study described last week. Yesterday, we started by looking at the aggregated results and found that the measured RTT was larger then expected. Today, we will look at how the results vary depending on which VMs the measurements where taken Read More

Azure Latency Pilot Study: Part 2 – Aggregated results

This is post we will be looking at the results for the Azure latency Pilot study described last week. We will starting by looking at the aggregate results, disregarding the time a measurement was taken and which machines the measurement was taken between. The 22332 data points have been processed in Python3, in particular using Read More

Video: “Grad School” by UCSD/Lambda Style Productions

I’ll just leave this here, my all time favourite youtube video Read More

Lab Culture – How to ask the right questions?

Thanks to Justine, at the excellently named Lavender Martini Border Gateway Protocol for sharing a link to this blog post on Prospective Students and Lab Culture. Useful food for thought, not just for Part 2 students. Read More